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Care & Product Info


While all of our jewellery is of a high quality 18k gold vermeil, and very durable, we recommend you store your jewellery in a dry place to avoid tarnishing/discolouring.

Avoid contact with chemicals, perfumes, moisturisers, suncreams and salt water.

We suggest after each wear wiping with a dry jewellery cloth.

Our jewellery is not solid gold so it should not be worn in the shower, pool or ocean. 

Sterling Silver

We use solid sterling silver (925).

The '925' represents 92.5% minimum pure silver. As pure silver is soft and malleable (making it prone to breakage), 7.5% is made up of alloy. This helps our silver remain durable and suitable for everyday use while remaining high quality. 

18k Gold Vermeil 

Vermeil (pronounced ver-may) is a high quality method of gold plating. In order for a product to be gold vermeil, over gold plated - the product must coated in a thick layer of gold (at least 2.5 microns) on sterling silver. The gold that we use is 18 carats, which is a higher quality gold compared to others such as 14k gold.